Just grow it.

Our system lets you grow whatever you want, indoors,
effortless, even when you're on vacation.


What is GrowOnline?

GrowOnline is a raspberry pi based opensource and openhardware project made to help you grow your own stuff automatically. Basically it is just a box, a couple of outlets, a relay board, a raspberry pi running a web server and a humidity and temperature sensor.

How to put it together?

How does it work?

After you assembled and installed the system, you'll plug your lamp, your fan, your water pump and your heater in, then you'll put all this stuff where you want to cultivate and connect to the web interface. You'll choose what you want to grow and it will take care of providing the best conditions to your plants so they can grow faster and stronger.

Inside of the box
Screwing the last screw
The raspberry pi
Finished prototype
The web interface
Growing pepper


If you have any questions, recommendations, ideas or whatever send us an e-mail!